Before the Ride

What should I do if online registration isn’t working?

Can I get a refund?

When and where do I get my registration packet?

Where should I park?

Where should I stay overnight? 

The Jersey

When will I get my jersey?

What if my jersey doesn’t fit?

The Course

When and where is the start?

How difficult is the course?

What conditions can I expect?


What safety precautions do I need to take?

How much mechanical support can I expect?

Should I be concerned by the weather?

What if there is an emergency?

What can I expect from SAG vehicles?

The Finish Line and Post Party

Where is the finish?

Can my family/child/friend/coworker/dog attend the post party?

General Questions

Can I ride my tandem bike? My handcycle? Bring my baby/kid/dog trailer?

Will there be someone taking pictures?

I want to start training for the ride, do you have any tips?

My organization is interested in partnering with you to support this event – what do I do?

Can we Register as a Team?

Is there anywhere I can get a shower after the Ride?